Sandstake Policy

Peninsula Beach Preservation Group

Sandstake Policy

The City has designated five sand stakes/rings per block, on the bay side of the Peninsula, that are rented to people as they become available, at a cost of approximately $200 per year. There is currently a lengthy waiting list for these sandstakes.

The City and the Board of the Alamitos Bay Beach Preservation Group have been working to develop new sandstake guidelines, since at this point there are no adopted policies, only loose guidelines, which renders enforcement impossible. In addition, the City staff has been reluctant to stringently enforce rules because they recognize that it is the Peninsula residents who, for the most part, are in violation. As a group, we have committed to developing policies by this summer that will then be enforced by the City. The group has developed the following proposed guidelines:

  1. Each sandstake/ring may contain a maximum of up to three vessels.
  2. The vessel(s) and accompanying rack height limit is 4 feet including any mast.
  3. The length limit is 16 feet.
  4. The width limit is 4 feet or half the distance to the adjacent sandstake, whichever is less.
  5. Motorized personal watercraft are prohibited on the sandstake/ring.
  6. Vessel(s) must be connected and locked to the sandstake/ring.
  7. Vessel(s) must be directly in front of the sandstake/ring. Nothing may be stored between sandstakes/rings, and any such items will be impounded.
  8. If there is more than one vessel, a vessel rack is required.
  9. Day vessels not having a sandstake must be beached at street ends and only during the day.
  10. Permittee (person under permit) must be the owner of every vessel moored at the stake/ring. Marine Bureau must be given proof of ownership of each vessel at the sandstake/ring.
  11. Sub-leasing of sandstake/rings is not allowed. If you are not using your sandstake/ring, please release it so that others may rent the stake.
  12. If covers are torn or shredded, they need to be replaced.
  13. On application, handicapped may make special arrangements with the Marine Bureau to keep their mast with their boat at the stake/ring.

These are proposed guidelines, developed jointly by the Marine Bureau and the Board of the ABBPG. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.