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Sorting the injured
It is important not to become involved with the treatment of the first or second patient with whom you come in contact. Remember that your job is to get to each patient as quickly as possible, conduct a rapid assessment, and assign patients to broad categories based on their need for treatment

The START system: it works
The START system is one triage plan that is simple to remember and implement. You need to learn the specific role that you have in the triage plan for the Peninsula.
The Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment (START) system has been developed to allow multiple victim triages in 60 seconds or less per patient. It is based on three primary observations: breathing, circulation, and mental status (BCM).

The START system is designed to help rescuers find the most seriously injured patients. As more triage members arrive on scene, the patients will be re-triaged for further evaluation, treatment, stabilization, and transportation. This system also allows team members to open blocked airways and stop severe bleeding quickly.
Triage Tagging: Tell Others What You Have Found
Tagging is done using colored surveyors tape or colored paper tags. Other team members arriving on the scene tag victims for easy recognition.

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